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Teaching Your Daughter To Fight Back

Raising a daughter in this current world we live in is a difficult and dangerous task. The moment you give birth to a daughter, you bring her in to a world that is determined to crush her, physically and in spirit because everywhere we look we are seeing women being used to entertain men and to advertise products. We live in a world that sees women as nothing but their bodies and if you have a daughter, it is vital that you take responsibility for training her to be strong and to defend herself in this dangerous world. Almost every woman in the world has experience some form of abuse or another. Sometimes, this abuse is as severe as rape, sexual harassment and sometimes, verbal abuse. A woman can hardly walk on the streets without experiencing cat calling, verbal sexual abuse and being harassed and therefore, you need to train your daughter from the day she is born to be strong enough to fight back.

Self-defense classes

Many parents enroll their children in sports from a young age to help them to get the exercise that their growing bodies need. It would be a good idea for you to buy your daughter some boxing gloves and enroll her in self-defense classes instead of the traditional sports that children play. Of course, there is no harm in sending her for sports as well to help her strengthen her body.

Sadly, we live in a world where young people are addicted to technology which can be very bad for a number of different reasons. On the one hand, being addicted to technology means that these young children and teenagers do not get the exercise they need because they are constantly sitting on their beds with their computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets. In this case, buying your child some everlast gloves and enrolling her in some self-defense classes can give her some exposure, give her a chance to meet with new people and also teach her techniques to defend herself if she is ever abused. Visit this link for more info on everlast gloves.

On the other hand, this addiction to technology also exposes children to the dangerous face of movies, advertisements, video games and media in general which promote the idea of women being sex objects and something that can be bought or sold. It is absolutely shocking that even children’s toys have some form of hidden or sometime boldly direct sexism involved. It is indeed a wise move to keep children away from technology as much as possible in those early years where their minds are easily molded.