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Modern Themes Of Japanese Fantasy Books

Contemporary fiction novels

Fiction and non-fiction are the major two arenas on which the literatures as well as the readers are significantly divided. This can be complete fantasized event or situation drafted thoroughly by imagination or critically suffered real life event. Fantasy is one of the major parts of books with large section of younger ones as the main audience of these particular genera. Japanese fantasy books are the books in most demand by public which majorly constitutes on fairy tales, cartoons and heroism factor. These are simple yet very interesting one time read and also preserved by people as chunk of their book collection. Many of these books are kid’s bedtime read part, helping them involve in fantasy. Contemporary fiction novels are usually the real-life events, situation, experiences, life biographies and conditions like historical wars that is context in a way to publish it in form of novel. Fiction is closer to life and far from imagination; therefore, many life leaning lessons are part of such fiction literature.

Modern Japanese fantasy books

Fantasy is not real; it is rather more of a self-created version of universe that includes magic, spells, fairies, love and heroic themes. These ideas of fantasy can be shown in form of cartoon which is popular since centuries but book version is being praised in parallel for the imaginative writing power. Similar bookish literature is adapted by Japanese fantasy books which help to include the Japanese version of psychological creations by the author for make it an interesting read for children as well as adults.

Japanese fantasy books are modernized in today’s progressive art and literature with themes much complex than the mere fairy tales. These books are written, pictured and drafted with approaches like mythologies, paranormal activities and settings far different to real world.

Contemporary fiction novels

Novels are a different and better context form of books which involve a far refined literacy and story writing ability. These can be fiction or even non-fiction, with fiction ones being most studied by intellectual people. Contemporary fiction novels are full of meaning which is neither vague nor imaginary on any point and speaks on real facts. This can be as simple as any physical or health-oriented book to children growth book and can be as complex as a historical war or autobiography.

Contemporary fiction novels are not a taste of everyone in literature preferences. These books require patience, intellect, language command and understanding ability as the written context is not similar to fantasy or non-fiction. Contemporary fiction novels can be part of academic schedule too, like the ones based on the climatic change, geography or history and religion.


Japanese fantasy books are entirely based on non-fiction and fantasy world created by the author on their own.  The idea is not real at all and revolves around in an imaginative world. Contemporary fiction novels are based on fictional characters and events that are mostly closely experienced by the author himself in most cases.