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Tips To Pick Up A Good Cigar

The pleasure of smoking a good cigar is something that can only be understood by those who have experienced it. This is because smoking a cigar is not just the process of lighting it up and puffing all the smoke. Often times, choosing a good cigar is the most important step, which is why you want to do your research on this subject if you want to enjoy the best aromas that the cigar world has on offer.Some factors that both beginners and experts need to consider choosing a good cigar like La Aurora cigars are given below:

  • Size – The size of the cigar you want to purchase depends on a lot on how long you want to keep smoking during a single session. Unlike tobacco pipes, you cannot refill cigars, which means that you would want to get a cigar that will last for the amount of time you desire before being fully consumed. Beginners also need to know that cigar sizes do not affect taste or smoke quality at all, which is why smaller cigars are the best for testing new flavours.
  • Exterior Appearance – What can really expose a cigar’s quality though is its exterior appearance. If there are many visible cracks, tears or flakes, you should avoid buying such a cigar as it was probably made from cheap materials and will definitely not be as good as more expensive varieties. The external appearance of ashtrays in Australia can also change due to improper storage conditions, which may be an indicator that the shopkeeper selling these cigars is not keeping them in a proper storage environment or warehouse.
  • Shape – Cigars come in different shapes, and you may prefer some of them over others due to being easier to hold in your hand. Ask your tobacconist to show you some of the different shapes available for your selected cigar brand or flavour. Some people preferred straight cigars over bent or irregularly shaped ones, while others favour the latter.
  • Price – Quality cigars are much more expensive than common varieties, with some special brands commanding sky-high prices which are affordable to only the richest cigar lovers. For those starting out, choosing the less expensive varieties is recommended as they probably won’t be accustomed to the refined taste and rich aroma of unconventional cigars. You may also want to know more about possible discounts and special seasonal deals by asking the shop owner. By doing so, it may be possible to get a few renowned brands by paying less than their normal retail price if you are lucky enough to find a few good deals.