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Mindfulness In Interior Design

Having the latest designs or creative accents are important, but not as important as paying attention to some of the more basic and functional aspects in your home. Experts also state that it is what they call quality over quantity in interior design ideas. When it comes to professionals or even DIY individuals, there these are a few basics to take note of to make your home a masterpiece that is equal in quality and style.

More than colour: more and more people are focusing on using colour to great advantage in their homes. The minimalistic style focuses on neutral and earthy tones as opposed to bright colour. But whatever approach you take, first consider what is underneath the layers of pain. There is much work needed such as sanding, patching and taping that goes behind the layers of paint to create that smooth even finish. So if the primer is not done properly chances are that your final pain work will not last long.

Natural elements: a good and timeless design principal is to keep things natural. Many designers use wood and stone to great effect in creating timeless interiors. Dining room tables in solid and rough hewn wood are great in creating a Scandinavian interior. Stone work is also popular in kitchens and bathrooms, but experts suggest using them in other surfaces as well such as the living room or corridors. Natural light: we take it for granted almost always, but as a design principle, using natural light in your home makes for great design and atmosphere. Therefore consider adding windows or openings for natural light to seep in as much as possible. A window seat for reading or having your morning tea is a great way to keep your space homely and full of contentment.

What is inside: when you get new sofa’s and dining room chairs Sydney consider what is inside as stuffing. Some high end designer units will have cotton stuffing while the less quality ones might have polyester or foam stuffing which will not stay firm for long. So when buying new furnishings, consider what is inside as much as the upholstery.

Make it livid in: a home will not feel like home if everything in squeaky clean and clinical. So it is a must to have elements of life in your home. That is why many designers emphasise the use of flowers, potted plants and a few hand painted kids art in your living room. Handpicked items such as sea shells and pebbles can be great additions to fill jars and vases. A popular Scandinavian trend to create the lived in feel is the messy bed. They are known for having stone washed bed linen with creases all kept in a messy style. So while you look at style and new trendy additions to keep your home interesting, pay attention to some of the basic and behind the scene elements as well. They may be boring activities to look in to but they will add a whole lot of meaning to what you try to create in your home.