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How To Take Care Of A Bong?

Once you purchase a bong, you need to know how to take care of them. There are different types of bongs and they come with varying degrees of maintenance. There are different shapes, materials and features they come in. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced smoker, knowing how to maintain your bong is important. When you’re purchasing a bong, you need to consider if you will have time to clean the bong or not. Simpler bongs such as straight tubes and beaker bongs are quite easy to clean and also take with you when you travel given their shape. But you will need more maintenance when it comes to bongs of complicated shapes and designs. When you’re cleaning a water pipe, you should first remove the dirty water inside it and rinse the interior of the bong with warm clean water. You can then proceed to empty it. There are many cleaning solutions you can use. Click here  for more information about bong shop 

Pour a solution that is good for cleaning out the resin into the bong. Shake the bong energetically after you cover all of its openings. This will cause the resin to come out of the glass. If there are stubborn patches of resin, you can use a pipe brush to remove them. Once you’re sure that all the resin is removed, you can pour out the cleaning solution and once again rinse the bong with warm water. You can then proceed to fill it up with fresh filtered water. If you’re someone who is not that into cleaning, you can purchase a beaker blow. As mentioned above, they are quite easy to clean. But you need to familiarise yourself with the maintenance routine of you’re in possession of a roor water pipes. These are popular because the honeycomb shaped glass they carry at the bottom that help to dissipate the smoke and cool it. If you don’t use filtered water, you will see some water stains in the bong. They are quite hard to remove.

But you can prevent the occurrence of water stains by using fresh filtered water. You will be able to prevent mold stains by changing the water in your bong on a daily basis. Make sure that you clean it well once a week. Sometimes you may notice a few scratches on the glass surface. There are different ways you can remove the scratches. But they tend to be quite complicated and you will need some special tools. If you don’t have the right tools, you may break or deform the bong. A bong pad will help you minimize scratched on the bottom of your bong. And if you’re traveling with the bong frequently, it is better to pack it in a padded bag or a hard case that will protect it in the duration.