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5 Things You Should Have In Your Bag

For most of us, it is absolutely essential to carry a bag with us when we leave the house. For those who don’t you are missing out. However, if we look into a bag there might be a lot of garbage and you might not have some of the essentials you need to have. Here are some things that you absolutely must have in your bag.


Your keys, phone and wallet need to be in your bag at all times. Even if you don’t carry a bag you should have these with you. Other than that if you are going to carry a bag it is good to have a few aspirin pills as well. A small notebook and pen are also some items that you should have. When packing these essentials make sure they are in a place where you can easily reach them as you will be going in to get these stuff often. It helps to have your keys in a small pocket so you won’t have to go digging in. If your someone who uses your phone often a better ravpower portable charger is an absolute must-have.


We use electronics all day every day and there are some accessories you should have with you. You should always have a usb flash drive especially if you are a student. We don’t know when we will be needing these. An anker USB C cable is a nice addition as these can come in handy for many situations. Apart from that a phone charger, some headphones are nice things to have. Make sure these things will not get wet and be careful if you’re taking a bottle of water or if it’s a rainy day.


If you’re carrying a bad might as well have some things to make you look good. The lipstick your wearing and some powder are absolute necessities if you’re someone who wears makeup. If not have a new tissue paper or blotting paper with you. A small bottle of perfume is also a nice addition to a bag.


You never know when an emergency will hit. Having a few safety pins and bandaid will definitely come in handy. Make it a point to have some cash in your bag as you will never know when you might need it.

Other random stuffIf you have enough space and if you are okay with carrying them a bottle of hand sanitizer, an emergency sewing kit, hand cream, breath mints, and a cap should find a place in your bag.

Carrying a bag can be a hassle but if you pack it right it can be a lifesaver.